We are a proud Cumbrian business, founded in 1981 and working from two main offices in Carlisle and Penrith. We might be Cumbria born but we are not Cumbria bound – we have clients all over the country and we travel wherever they take us.

What makes Dodd & Co special?

  • Our people - this always has and always will be the number one reason that Dodd & Co is special
  • Our knowledge, personality and communication (or so our clients tell us!)
  • We are well placed to advise on running a business as we run (and have grown) a successful one ourselves!
  • We are experts in our fields and have a national presence in many of our specialisms
  • We have grown organically, without merger or acquisition, from a typical start up to now having 12 partners and employing over 180 staff
  • We are constantly improving our knowledge and expertise
  • We have a diverse set of skills
  • We are committed to the training and development of all our staff

The Dodd & Co Values

We promise to:

  • Go the extra mile
  • Be honest and ethical
  • Nurture trust and integrity
  • Respect, listen and learn
  • NOT be boring

The Dodd & Co Mission – it’s simple…

"To give our clients peace of mind about their finances."

The Dodd & Co Vision

“To share our knowledge with an open and professional attitude, so we can enjoy a long relationship with you over the entire life of your business.”