A Doddie Dream Placement

Over seventy young students have this week taken part in a Dream Placement programme to help develop their knowledge of leadership from higher management teams.

Now in it’s fourth year, the scheme is available to 16-18 year olds across Cumbria, who work their way through a selection process including applications, shortlists and interviews, to win their place to spend their half term gaining a better understanding of how  the real world of business operates.

Dodd & Co were this week joiBeth & Patrickned by Dream Placement students; Patrick Brennan, from St Benedicts Catholic High School and Bethany Brown, from West Lakes Academy. Both students are currently in year 13 approaching the milestone decision for the next step on the path to their careers – be it University, apprenticeships, or employment. The Dream Placement scheme has given them the opportunity to speak to, and spend time with, partners, management and many others within the varied departments of Dodd & Co giving them an intersting insight into leadership and future careers.

Bethany and Patrick both said before they started their placement ‘When people think of accountancy, they automatically think…BORING! And to be honest, before we came, we did too.  Spending time at Dodd & Co and having the opportunity to go round and speak to people about what they do and how they got to where they are now, it made us realise there is more to an accountancy firm than just accounts and number crunching.’

At the end of their Dream Placement week, Bethany and Patrick presented a final demonstration, to a team of Doddies, of what they have taken from Dodd & Co and how useful they have found it. During the presentation, Bethany said ‘it has really made me realise just how many different roles there are within an organisation.  My favourite and most interesting department was insolvency – I really enjoyed speaking to Carol and learning about this area.’

Patrick said he wanted to take part in the Dream Placement scheme for many reasons, one of which was to speak to people and see what individuals have done to get to the career they have now. He said ‘when we initially started out, my main aim was to speak to as many people as possible.  I wanted to do this to see mainly which different paths each individual has taken and if they have stuck to where they always thought they would be. I feel like during my time at Dodd & Co I have accomplished this and spoken to a number of people giving me lots of different examples of how they achieved what they have achieved today. This has been really useful for me.’

Overall, Patrick and Bethany found their placement very rewarding and both achieved what they wanted to from it, with a more clear idea of what a career is really like.

‘Before our placement week at Dodd & Co, we knew very little about accountancy and finance. Our first impression at Dodd & Co was very good, a professional environment where staff were looked after well. We were shown the basics of balancing the banks, and were given the chance to explore different departments such as insolvency, tax and payroll. These sessions showed us the stereotypes surrounding accountancy are not true, and there is more to the profession than crunching numbers. Our favourite part of the placement was speaking to the junior accountants and we now have much more knowledge of how to progress up the ranks of accountancy in the future. We initially had never thought about a career in this field but after our experience we are looking a lot more into it, and the different jobs offered. The whole experience was very rewarding for us.’

– Patrick Brennan from St Benedicts Catholic High School and Bethany Brown from West Lakes Academy.

IMG_04132Patrick and Bethany with the team of Doddies they presented to.

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